The Story of Ipad

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IPad in Its First Release

Four months after iPad was introduced into the market in April 2010, Apple Company has hoarded 51 billion sales in the consumer device. The company has released three generations of Ipad, and all of them have caused stir in the marketplace. This article will trace back how iPad started in history.

“It Was a Test Product”

The first release of iPad was on April 2010, followed by iPad2 on March 2011 and The New iPad on April 2012. The three generations have Wi-Fi- and 3G versions.

The original iPad was all a test product of Apple to see how the public would answer back to a tablet that shares the features of a smartphone and a laptop. Though, the first ever tablet was released in 2000 by Microsoft but did not go well. The first ever iPad was completely lack of features, but the skepticism ...

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How do you get an iPad and iPhone for Free Legally?

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So you have been wondering for yourself, how can you get your hands on those beautiful iPads and iPhones? Since you cannot afford to buy them for yourself and no one would be willing to just hand you their phone, what could be the safest way to get a free iPad or iPhone.

Here is the solution to your problem. Just go to Points2shop and earn your way to your free iPad and other gadgets that you would like to have. It is totally free. All you have to do is to ask your friends to join and register at the website. They too will get the chance to earn their free stuffs. It is totally safe and legit. Aside from earning yourself your desired gadgets you are helping theirs get theirs as well. Now isn’t that nice. That is only the beginning, as there are other ways to ...

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